The Last Statement T-Shirt

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Ever since the beginning of youth culture, fashion has been a way to make a statement.​ ​With The Last Statement T-shirt, Molamil part of Manyone and Virtue joined forces to take a classic pillar of youth rebellion and reinvent it for the digital age for Carlings.

When The Last Statement T-shirt is photographed through Instagram filters and shared on social media, users can digitally change its appearance on their phones. Every day the shirt can display a new statement and design to amplify a message without ever having to buy another t-shirt.

A statement tee is a way for the voiceless to get their message out there. And today, social media allows people to amplify that a thousand times. But Social Media also makes statement tees even more of a one-off purchase. So we worked on how to extend the digital impact of a single t-shirt. - Roy Mikalsen, CEO of Carlings.

How the T-shirt works

The T-Shirt features a graphical logo designed to serve as a tracking point for smartphones. Using the technology behind Instagram’s face filters — people can digitally superimpose new designs unto the T-Shirt through their phones. The Target Tracking Augmented Reality technology from Instagram, that could previously only target the face, now allows to target other parts as well.

With Carlings being the first ever retailer to use this technology, consumers can choose between a selection of animated statement designs, continuously updated to reflect daily news and current topics. On a daily basis the T-shirt can display a new statement and design to get the message out there on Instagram — without ever having to buy another physical t-shirt. Carlings is the first ever fashion retailer to use Instagram’s Target Tracking Augmented Reality for anything other then the face.

The Last Statement T-shirt is a leading example of how digital augmentation and alteration will shape tomorrow’s fashion industry as designs are no longer locked by the physical construction of a garment. And as much as it creates new possibilities for consumers, designers might need to adjust to a world where they no longer have the final say over their creations.


Articles: 150+
Total PR reach: 5.930.000
Stories per T-Shirt: 26
Views per T-Shirt: 12.000
Shares: 7.000+