Quantum Rascals AR Game

Playing with quarks and particles

Using the newest augmented reality technology this interactive puzzle game teaches kids about Quantum Physics in a playful and innovative way! Help Quantum Kate to discover subatomic particles and become a true Quantum Rascal!

This is how it works

Find a good spot for playing, where furniture is not in the way.

Connect quarks that fit together to create particles.

Unlock all particles and and beat your highscore.

01 Explore Quantum Kate’s room

The game center is an interactive 360 view of Quantum Kate’s room. From her room you can start the game, learn more about quarks and view the highscore board.

Quantum Kate is the hero character of our Quantum Rascals universe and blogs about Quantum Physics and Fashion in 12 languages on YouTube!

02 Discover quarks and particles in AR

The game is designed to teach children about quarks - the smallest stuff everything in the universe is made out of, from a chair, to your dog or… yourself!

The goal of the game is to discover as many particles as possible by connecting quarks! Set up as an infinite puzzle game, children almost accidentally learn about Quantum Chromodynamics while playing the game! Genius - right?

03 Learn about the particles you collected

All particles discovered during the game are saved in an interactive highscore board.

On the high score board you can learn more about each individual particle you discovered. The more particles you collect, the more you level up.